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Audition Requirements

We're back!  We're really excited to welcome new and old faces to our orchestra. Check out our  information about rehearsals and auditions, competitions and FAQ to get caught up.

2022-2023 Season Audition Dates

Video Auditions Session 2 submit from June 16th to Aug 10th.  Acceptance decision by Aug 11th
Live Audition at Hidden Valley Wednesday, August 10th, decision by Aug 11th

Audition Requirements

Both the Junior Youth and Honors Orchestras of Youth Music Monterey County are intended to supplement and further challenge students already enrolled in their school music program. In order to meet the demands of playing in an orchestra, it is expected that students will be enrolled in private lessons and have a grasp of the foundational techniques of their instrument. The Honors Orchestra is designed for advanced students who are ready for a supplementary program of standard symphonic orchestral literature. Performance standards are high and personal practice time outside of rehearsals is expected.

This list is intended to help students and teachers understand the general level of ability needed for participation in each of YMMC’s orchestras. To be accepted into one of the orchestras, students must demonstrate mastery of the skills and techniques described below. Moreover, selection into a particular group or section depends on availability. The level for each group and section may vary somewhat based on the overall level of those auditioning.

Returning musicians who are auditioning for section leader are NOT required to fill out a new audition form. Please check the Musicians page for audition excerpts. 

Auditions are required for:

  • all new students

  • students wishing to change orchestra, section, or instrument

  • students returning from a leave of absence

  • students wishing to join the Chamber players for the first time​

If that's you, please read through your instrument's audition requirements below and browse through our Tuition and Financial Aid options. When you're ready, fill out our Audition form. Auditions are held the Wednesday after a concert set has ended, at the end of our season, or via appointment with the conductor.

Do check the Musicians page calendar or the Audition form for exact dates and times. We'd love to play with you!

Audition Requirements and Expectations

All Instruments 

The audition requirements: ​​

  • 1-2 short solo pieces (sections are allowed)

  • 2 scales of your choice 

  • Your recording should be 3 minutes maximum. Please record your audition in this order.

Additional Requirements for Strings, Brass, and Winds

Junior Youth Orchestra

  • One single-octave major scale in  C, F, Bb, G, or D. (Two octaves are preferred, but not required.)

Honors Orchestra

  • One two-octave major scale (tongued) over the functional range of your instrument in C, F, Bb, Eb, G, D, or A.

  • Be prepared to play a chromatic scale (slurred) over the functional range of your instrument.

Additional Requirements for Percussion

Junior Youth Orchestra

  • A prepared piece of your choice on snare drum. Not more than 3'.

  • Students should be comfortable playing snare, bass drum, and cymbals

Honors Orchestra

  • 3 prepared pieces of your choice, one each on: snare, timpani, mallets. Not to exceed 3' total.

  • Students should be comfortable on snare, bass drum, cymbals, timpani, mallets (two sticks), and auxiliary instruments.

Additional Requirements for Harp

There is no audition required for concert harpists - please contact the office for more information.

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