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Tuition and Financial Aid

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Tuition Costs

Youth Music Monterey strives to keep our programs accessible to all students in our community. We work hard raising funds and writing grants to offset the costs of tuition. As every student's tuition in YMMC is subsidized, we ask that every family commit to six volunteer duties to help keep our costs low. Your selection can be made on the registration page when you have been accepted into the orchestra. 


One-time ($1250 due on September 1)

Three-time: ($417 due on September 1, March 1, and May 1) 

Monthly ($125/10 months, first payment due September 1st)

If you are opting to apply for tuition assistance rather than submit a payment on September 1st, your application must be complete and received in the YMMC office on or before September 1st, 2021. 


Further tuition assistance may be available to students who demonstrate financial need. To be considered, you must complete the tuition assistance form, and submit a copy of your most recent tax return.

Private Lesson Assistance

YMMC has found private lessons to be an essential tool for our students to thrive and contribute to our orchestras. In order that this will not deter any dedicated students from participating on our orchestras, we may have additional funding available to subsidize the costs of private lessons. Only students who qualify for tuition assistance are eligible to apply for lesson assistance. Please see our Private Lesson Assistance application for complete details. Funding varies from year to year and is not guaranteed.

Multi-Student Discount

Families with more than one child enrolled in our program will receive a multi-student discount of an additional $100 off per student.

Payment Plans

We offer three payment options: full year, per concert (3 payments), per month (10 payments). Payments are always due at the beginning of the pay period that you have selected. The first payment (or completed financial assistance application with tax returns) is due by the third rehearsal of the season. A student whose tuition payments are not current may be disqualified from performing. If at a later point during the year you would like to request Tuition Assistance, please visit this page.

Chamber Groups

YMMC offers several chamber ensembles to allow our students additional opportunities. We currently offer Brass Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, and a mixed instrument ensemble The Chamber Players. The costs of these programs are covered in tuition, and are offered to our students at no additional expense. Please see the Parent/Student Guide or contact the office for more details.

Instrument Rentals

YMMC is also able to offer instrument rentals to our students. We currently have a full inventory of orchestral string instruments as well as a limited selection of woodwind and brass instruments. Rentals are $20 per month and also require a $50 refundable deposit. Students asked to use an auxiliary instruments (A & Eb clarinets, piccolo, english horn, etc.) in a YMMC concert may borrow the instrument without a rental fee; however, a refundable deposit is still required. Please fill out an Instrument Rental form to get started.

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