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Give A Gift!

An investment in Youth Music Monterey County offers opportunities to build the next generation through music. Your gift supports scholarships, tuition assistance, lesson assistance, music instruction, instruments, and memorable performance opportunities for over 300 young people throughout Monterey County. 

Every dollar counts, and no donation is too small or too large. Browse below for all the ways you can give!  Youth Music Monterey County is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN 94-2863607). Contributions are tax-deductible by law. You'll receive an acknowledgment of any tangible benefits received.

18-19 I - IMG_4203.jpg

Give a one-time gift of any size, through any means

18-19 I - IMG_4150.jpg

Put your name on one of our concerts

18-19 I - IMG_4148.jpg

Promote your business in our concert programs

17-18 Angel Event - IMG_1077.jpg

Help sustain YMMC through annual gifts of $500 and up. 

17-18 Angel Event - IMG_0982.jpg

Non-monetary donations like wine and instruments

17-18 Angel Event - IMG_1024.jpg

Take home our archive of concert audio and video

17-18 II - IMG_9273.jpg

Leave a lasting legacy for the next generation

17-18 II - IMG_9302.jpg

Keep our students fed and our programs running

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Thank you to our donor family and Angel Network

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