Audition Sign-Up Form


Hello! Please fill out this audition form if you are

1) new to our orchestras,

2) looking to move to a new ensemble, or

3) auditioning for principal chair.

Currently, all auditions are occurring via video. 

The quality does not have to be professional! Please make sure to be seen clearly while recording and submit an unedited video that is no more than 3 minutes in length, i.e. record in one take. Don't forget to use your best version!

Auditions will be accepted through the summer. Deadline is August 18th. If you submit an audition before June 19th, you’ll hear results by June 20th. For Submissions from June 20-August 18, you will be notified August 19th.

After you fill out this sign-up form, please upload your video file here. We must receive a form along with your video! If you are not able to make a video submission, please contact 


The audition requirements are as follows: 

a) 1-2 short solo pieces (sections are allowed)

b) 2 scales of your choice 

Your recording should be 3 minutes maximum.

Please record your audition in this order. 

I'm auditioning for:
Audition Date

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch. Please upload your video here.