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Intermezzo: Local youth talent runs deep (Monterey Herald)

Honors Concerto Competition winner Lance Yang Bauer is the soloist for “The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto” to be performed March 1 at Carmel’s Sunset Center. (Courtesy photo)

Enjoy an article about our upcoming March 1 concert in the Monterey Herald!

"You’ll find a warm and welcoming creative atmosphere guided by music director Danko Druško, a highly regarded conductor who joined the organization last year.  Druško has conducted professional, university and youth orchestras throughout Europe and North America. (...) Executive director Suzanne Mudge brings her musical and leadership skills to the organization. She is well known to the patrons of the Carmel Bach Festival, where she serves as a hard-working member of that world-class ensemble every summer. Druško leads the Junior Youth and Honors Orchestras on Sunday, March 1 at 3 p.m. at Carmel’s Sunset Center in a concert called “Migration.” The program celebrates the brilliance of Chinese, Russian, Mexican, German, and Italian composers. Bring your kids and see for yourself the skills and enthusiasm of these young musicians."

Read more in the Monterey Herald by Barbara Rose Shuler.


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