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Youth Music Monterey County (YMMC) Presents Eclectic Delight (Peninsula Reviews)

Cello Soloist Katrina Yang Bauer & Conductor Farkhad Khudyev

“Ms. Bauer performed John Garth’s Cello Concerto in B-flat Major. She was confidently focused and accurate throughout her performance, and quite attentive to the interplay with the orchestra and conductor. There was much more than a musical performance evident in her stage presence. (…) The [Honors Orchestra] members had the opportunity to perform with several professional musicians, and successfully blended together with the improvisations of the Azerbaijani soloists, who were Nijat Masimov (balaban), Natig Shirinov (naghara) and Abuzar Manafzade (piano). The performance was in 3 dramatic movements, complete with improvisatory solos from each of the guest artists. The students of the YMMC Honors Orchestra did an amazing job in adjusting to the unusual scale structures, which were related to harmonic minor with added chromatic flourishes.”

James Neiman, Peninsula Reviews


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