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Farkhad Khudyev’s YMM finale (Performing Arts Monterey Bay)

“As a former YMM student myself, this concert didn’t feel like a goodbye. Rather it was a concert like the others, beautifully played and enthusiastically conducted. YMM was one of the biggest things in my life in high school, and Maestro Khudyev was always encouraging to me, even when I didn’t play my best. Before I believed I could study music in college he did, and for that I cannot express enough gratitude. He sees potential in all his students and that is one of the best things a youth orchestra conductor can do. (…) How Khudyev has turned the student musicians of Youth Music Monterey into a popular concert juggernaut that has regularly filled the Sunset Center auditorium with SRO audiences is both a tribute to his vision and charisma.”

Read more on Performing Arts Monterey Bay by Monica Mendoza and Scott McClelland.


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