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YMM’s ‘Peasant Spirit’ (Performing Arts Monterey Bay)

Bassoon soloist Amadeus Soria (Ian Martin)

“At last the Honors Orchestra took the stage to open its half of the concert with Franz von Suppé’s Light Cavalry Overture, a 19th century bristle filled with technical challenges that, for the violins, proved a stretch. The orchestra’s principal bassoonist, Amadeus Soria (photo above), took the solo spot for Andante e Rondo Ungarese by Carl Maria von Weber, an early pioneer of the Romantic style of opera. At nine minutes, and a technical workout, it is often found on competition programs. Soria’s reading was virtually flawless and attracted an instant standing ovation. This young man, who has political science on his career agenda, is well ahead of the curve as a virtuoso of the instrument.”

Scott McClelland, Performing Arts Monterey Bay


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