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YMMC Appreciation, Awards, and #GivingTuesdayNow

Youth Music Monterey County extends its best wishes to you, continuing to be of service to you and the greater community we serve. We are also requesting your assistance. As we have done for over 50 years, we strive to build the next generation of musicians and music lovers through music. While COVID-19 may have suspended in-person rehearsals and concerts for 300 students in our Junior Youth and Honors Orchestras, Chamber Ensembles, and South County Strings, the need to educate our children continues and endures. We're working hard to keep up with music programs, day-to-day operations, and bringing the joy of music to our students and to you through video links and DVD’s of past performances.

Join us for #GivingTuesdayNow, tomorrow, May 5th, and help us reach our goal of $50,000. All of us are adapting and learning new ways we can help one another during this unusual time. Together, we'll create a robust and vibrant environment where children may continue to learn, rehearse, and perform music in interactive online settings and eventually, when safe to do so, return to our normal rehearsal and performance venues. The need to educate our children continues and we will emerge stronger than ever! There are several ways to donate:

Check out our website below to explore more ways to give!

Check out the latest trailer for YMMC, featuring footage from this season's concerts and from our musicians! Concert Video by New Dawn Studios / William & Patricia Roden.

Appreciation and Awards

One of the finest year-end traditions at YMM is to recognize the incredible work and effort of our graduating seniors, volunteers, teachers, and alumni. There are so many people who volunteer, working quietly behind the scenes to keep YMMC moving forward and assisting our students in so many ways. Please visit our awards page to help us celebrate these individuals!


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