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Winter Concert Recording Guidelines


The click tracks have one last, super important change: there's going to be a sync clap two measures before the piece begins & two measures after the piece ends. Like a clapboard 🎬 on a movie set, this clap helps the video editors sync the completed audio tracks with your videos, so your movements match the sound you're making.

Clap specifics: 1. Clap just once 2. Loud! 3. On screen (we should see the impact!)

If you happen to play an instrument where it’s quite impossible to take both hands and clap in the time you’re given, find another way to approximate a single, loud, percussive sound. I’ve seen people slap their instruments/legs/cheeks/stands before.

Before the piece, you'll hear 4 total prep measures: 1. 2 measures of a metronome giving you the tempo 2. 👏 CLAP 👏 on the first beat of the third measure 3. The rest of the third measure and the fourth measure also give you tempo 4. The piece will start on the fifth measure.

After the piece, you'll hear 3 total prep measures: 1. 2 measures of a metronome at tempo (so you can get ready for the clap) 2. 👏 CLAP 👏 on the first beat of the third measure Questions? Feel free to email me about it, I'll be happy to walk you through all the steps. *JYO, you’ve been using SmartMusic for the Tchaikovsky, but it doesn't have the clap programmed; please use the new click track in Dropbox to play it instead.

Hidden Valley Concert Recording Information

Yeah, it’s about that time! We’ve opened up a good amount of recording windows this set; please sign up ASAP so the office can contact you with a schedule. The times are:

Wednesday, February 24th from 3-5:15 PM Monday, March 1st from 3-9 PM Tuesday, March 2nd from 3-9 PM Wednesday, March 3rd from 3-9 PM

You’ll be asked to indicate which hour blocks you’re free within these times. The office will contact you to assign a 40-minute recording window that works with you.

A couple things to remember: 1. Please be prepared as if you're playing a concert! 2. Bring a device and headphones in order to play with the click tracks. 3. No dress code.

Home Concert Recording Information

If you’re going to be recording at home, please make sure you're thinking about these guidelines:

1. Record in horizontal orientation 2. Highest audio quality possible 3. Remember the clap! 4. No dress code.

Links to the Dropbox file requests are above in 'Resources’ or on the website. If you're recording at home, please make sure to get the recordings in by Friday, March 5th at the very latest.


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